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If you need best care after the burn; visit plastic surgery in Kandy

First degree burn

First degree burn

Superficial burn that only affects the skin surface
Second degree burn

Second degree burn

Burns that affects outer most and second skin layer
Thrird degree burn

Thrird degree burn

Burns that have killed the skin all the way to the fat tissues

How to avoid scaring after a burn 


Primary burn care that is active cooling should be done by water and then visit a plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Plastic surgeon is the best trained specialist for burn management. 



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Feather burn

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Simple Hot water burn to complex burn injuries are treated with new treatment options  

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  • It was a terrific experience when I got burn due to explosion while I was burning garden garbage. I got my face and hands burned. Luckily I got best plastic surgery treatment immediately in two hours. So I have no scaring at all.

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    Ms. N Senadeera
    Executive Banker
  • Serious plastic burn has completely destroyed my right hand. However, it was restored to functionality by series of plastic surgeries.   

    M Kumara
    Plastic Moulder
    Phynix Plastics

Small Burn needs best specialist care 

Do you neglect mild hot water burn or fire burn ? If you need no scaring visit plastic surgery !


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